3 things to see at Vikos gorge on a daytrip

This post is part of our 10 days North Greece itinerary.

Vikos gorge is one of the deepest gorge in the world. There are multiple hiking opportunities but with a baby on board we wanted to drive to multiple viewpoints with minimal walking and we achieved the following:

1 View the deepest part of the gorge at Oxia viewpoint.

We drove from Ioannina to Oxia viewpoint through Monodendri. From the parking its only a 100 m easy walk till the view of the gorge.

2. Stone Forest

On the way to Oxia we saw Stone forest and thought of stopping by on our way back from the viewpoint.

3. Stone bridges

After a great view and walking around in the stone forest, we drove to the Bridge of Noutsos (or Kokkoris) and Bridge of Plakida (or Kalogeriko).

Bridge of Noutsos (or Kokkoris)
Bridge of Plakida (or Kalogeriko)


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