3 days in Meteora

This post is part of our 10 days North Greece itinerary.

Meteora is famous for its landscape and monasteries. It is located near the town of Kalambaka and Kastraki. The 6 Monasteries that can be visited are:

  1. Great Meteoron
  2. Varlaam
  3. Holy trinity
  4. St Stephan
  5. Rousanau
  6. St Nicholas

We stayed in Kalambaka for 3 nights and drove through Kastraki to the Monasteries. We checked their opening times and decided on visiting Holy trinity and St Stephan on the first day and Great Meteoron and Varlaam on the second day. We kept Rousanau and St Nicholas for the third day but later decided to skip them and drove to our next destination bit early than planned. Relatively there is more to see in Great Meteoron and Varlaam. Holy trinity is on top of a cliff and relatively difficult to reach. St Stephan is a nunnery and is the easiest one to reach.

The highlight for us was the landscape and the views from the monasteries and the various viewpoints. Here are some of pictures we took:

View of Rosanau Monastery from a viewpoint between Great Meteoron and Varlaam
View of Varlaam and Great Meteoron from a view point before reaching holy trinity

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