Thessaloniki in a day

This post is part of our 10 days North Greece itinerary.

Drove to Thessaloniki, parked at the parking near the port and started our walking tour.

1 Our first stop was Aristotelous square. There is a helpful information centre here. We took a map and oriented ourself.

2 Visited the market area of Modigliani, Modiano, Louloudadika flower market, and saw the Giahoudi Hammam Turkish bath. Also had lunch nearby.

3 Walked to Roman forum and visited the Church of Agios Demetrios.

4 Next stop is Rotonda and Arch of Galerius. On the way had coffee and snacks from a Bakery.

5 Walked to Agia Sofia church and Grigorios Palamas Church.

6 Then walked along the coast to White tower, Alexander the great Statue and Omprelles Zongolopoulou artwork.

7 Took a free boat tour where we just bought coffee for 4 EURs.

8 On our way back to the parking we walked around in the Ladadika locality.

9 Then we drove to Byzantine City walls and walked towards Trigonio Tower. There is a nice view of the city from there.

10 Later went to Heptapyrgio nearby for the sunset view.

White tower
Free boat tour

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