2 days in Madrid

Day 1

We started the day from Puerta del Sol. Walked around and checked out the center of Spain marked as km 0.

Then walked towards Via Gran in search of H&M. I had read that it is in a former Theatre and the interior is worth a visit. We found 2 h&ms and the one we were looking for was towards Plaza Mayor.

Former theatre, now H&M

Then we went to Playa Mayor and then briefly visited the overcrowded Mercado. This is a recent addition which we did not see in our last visit in 2007.

We had lunch nearby and then walked towards Retiro park. There is an artificial lake there where people were boating. There was a magic show also going on nearby for kids. Our initial plan was to visit Prado museum after 5pm when it is free but we saw long queue while coming to the Retiro park and decided to skip it.

Lake in Retiro park

Day 2

We had booked palace tickets for the morning. Reached there and started the tour with the royal kitchen. It was huge n nice. Then through the grand staircase reached the royal apartments. The dressing room, dining room and the throne room were our top 3 favorites.

Royal Palace

After the Royal Palace, we went to the next door cathedral. It was also grand.

After that we walked around in la Latina barrio and had lunch there.

Then walked to the palace gardens, temple of Debod, and then to Plaza de Espana. The last one was under construction and we ended up walking on Via Gran once again. We did some shopping and later took a taxi to our Airbnb. Dinner was in a Portuguese restaurant near the Airbnb.

Via Gran

Day 3

After checking out of the Airbnb, we took a taxi to train station, kept our luggage there and went out for lunch. We walked around in the neighborhood near the train station and later came back to catch the train to Valencia.

View from train from Madrid to Valencia

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